Indian Cowboy

A Nikhil Kamkolkar Movie

Indian Cowboy Poster
Indian Cowboy Poster
Indian Cowboy is an American indie Romantic Comedy with a South Asian twist. Lisa Tsering of India West says "Indian Cowboy" has "Keen Visuals and an Impactful Story!" Watch the film, cast interviews, and BTS videos on VHX.TV

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Nick dreams of experiencing true love at its most glorious and with a decidedly happy ending. A cynical Sapna on the other hand believes that true love always leads to a tragic end as in Romeo+Juliet or Laila+Majnu. So when these star-crossed lovers meet and fall for each other, the quest for a mutually compatible ending to their love story begins! Featuring exciting new music by South Asian artists including Karsh Kale, Alms For Shanti, Karyshma with Falu, and Kam Dhillon.
"Indian Cowboy" brings together a diverse and exciting cast including the indie star Sheetal Sheth, Deep Katdare from the hit "American Desi", and Sundra Oakley (Survivor). Indian Cowboy also features an incredible mix of music.

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Indian Cowboy is writer-director Nikhil Kamkolkar's debut feature. Connect with Nikhil on twitter @indiancowboy and facebook at Check out these other short projects by Nikhil, currently working on his first sci-fi political thriller.


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